“I wasn’t looking for adventure, oh no.
I was just looking for a place to live my life.
But I didn’t know which way was home anymore.”


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Lost and Found – Lyrics. (Tip: Use the site-wide music player to listen to the album when you navigate to the lyrics page.)

All songs written by Alan Sanderson, except “Alpha” written by Jim Ash and Alan Sanderson, “Standing on High” written by Joseph Wecker and Alan Sanderson, “Healing Heart” written by Andrew Vavrek and Alan Sanderson, and “Omega” adapts a line of lyrics from “Improve the Shining Moments” by Robert Baird (1855-1916).

All songs copyright 2019, some rights reserved (CC-BY), except “Healing Heart” (CC-BY-SA).

All instruments and vocals performed or programmed by Alan Sanderson. Recording, mixing, and mastering done by Alan Sanderson in U-Turn Studio 2015-2019, except “Rising Sun” and “Something Wrong” recorded 2005-2006 in Bayridge Studio and “Standing on High” recorded 2006-2007 in Weybridge Studio.


More info about the songs and the production can be found in the following blog posts: Getting Things Started Again, The Unfinished Album, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 in a Linux Home Studio, A First Look at LMMS, Healing Heart, When I Was Lonely, Guitar Tablature Editing on Linux, More Tablature, U-Turn, What I Did Wrong, Song for Evelyn, Remastering in a Linux Home Studio: Salvaging “Standing on High”, There’s a Bright Day Coming, My Albumatross, Lessons from a Toddler.

Equipment and Software:


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