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Leaving To Go To High School

A parody of “Leaving, On a Jet Plane” about returning to public school during a pandemic.

I’m Getting Better

Here is our latest track: download mp3 Be in the music video! See below to learn how!

The Iron Rod

Here is our latest track, a contemporary Christian folk arrangement of an old hymn called “The Iron Rod.” download mp3


Here is an awesome song written by one of my kids, E-Sandy. He is the one who played organ on The Beach is Closed. He has been playing this song on the piano for a long time, and I really like his synth adaptation. Download mp3

Introducing, and The Guitar-Chord Closet

My recent project with Tom was a lot of fun, and when I posted the album here to this site it got me thinking. Tom hasn’t been online with his music since the old went belly up in about 2003, but he has made dozens of great recordings over the years. Why not offer […]

Pity Party – Tablature

Here are tablatures for my tracks on Pity Party: The Beach is Closed Going_Viral Chronocide Pity_Party_-_reprise And here they are in MuseScore format. Enjoy!

Pity Party

A new mini-album by Tom and Alan Sanderson I shared a couple of these songs last week in a post, and now the full album is complete. Head over to the main album page for detailed production notes and downloads.

Sneak Preview: Going Viral, The Beach is Closed

I am currently working on a musical collaboration with my cousin Tom, but I have gotten some requests to share a couple of these tracks more widely while we still work on the others. The project is a collection of songs about the pandemic. “Going Viral” is the first recording to really showcase my new […]

Lost and Found Videos

After making the Learn for Myself video I decided to post the Lost and Found album to YouTube also. You can find the album playlist here. Most of the videos are simple, with just the album artwork, but I felt that Song for Evelyn deserved something better. Here it is:

Learn for Myself

Here is my latest recording, a new song called “Learn for Myself.” I decided to try something new, and make a music video. Download: audio (mp3), lyrics & chords (pdf), tablature (pdf)

The Ballad of the California Gold Rush

One of my kids is studying US history in school this year, and decided to write and record a folk song about the California gold rush of 1849 for a school assignment. Of course I helped him with it. The actual assignment was to make something about the Westward Expansion, and it could have been […]

Come Walk With Me

Last fall I met up with Michael Willis, developer of the Dragonfly Reverb plugins, to record a song he wrote. Michael had already programmed half of the song in midi tracks and recorded the clarinet intro, so I added the guitar and bass parts. A few weeks later we met again and finished these tracks […]

Lessons from a Toddler, and a New Guitar

I just posted a story on my Medicine and Faith blog about a couple of incidences that happened while I was recording the Lost and Found album: Lessons from a Toddler.

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

Here is our family Christmas recording for 2019: “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” is an old European carol. The text first appears in historical records in about 1700 but is thought to be older, and the tune dates back to the 15th century. It is haunting and beautiful, full of pathos and tension, the kind […]

My “Albumatross”

I am pleased to announce that the Lost and Found album is complete. Downloads for the songs, tablatures, and album artwork can all be found at the main album page.

Remastering in a Linux Home Studio: Salvaging “Standing on High”

In 2006-2007 I recorded a song called “Standing on High” using n-Track Studio v.2.3 on Windows 98. (More info about the song here.) Here is my 2007 mixdown: Now in 2019 I am getting close to finally completing the album this track was intended for. Some years ago I switched my entire audio workflow over […]


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