This page holds the collected works of the next generation of Sanderson music makers. Their tunes are posted under pseudonyms, but we’ll let them unmask themselves when they turn 18 if they want to.

The Ball Machine

Instrumental cover of a song by Derek Hugger.

Leaving To Go To High School

A parody of “Leaving, On a Jet Plane” about returning to public school during a pandemic.


An original song sequenced in LMMS with sounds programmed from scratch in the ZynAddSubFX software synthesizer.


Here is an awesome song written by one of my kids, E-Sandy. He is the one who played organ on The Beach is Closed. He has been playing this song on the piano for a long time, and I really like his synth adaptation. Download mp3

Introducing SkullToast!

I have some musically talented kids, and I wanted to give them a place to post their tunes for all the world to admire. So I made them an album page on this site called SkullToast, and we will post their songs as fast as they can finish them. Where did the name “SkullToast” come […]

The Ballad of the California Gold Rush

One of my kids is studying US history in school this year, and decided to write and record a folk song about the California gold rush of 1849 for a school assignment. Of course I helped him with it. The actual assignment was to make something about the Westward Expansion, and it could have been […]