Mark Sanderson

Joined the site in 2020. He is a singer-songwriter and blogs at

Austin Sketches

Head over to the Discography to hear Mark Sanderson – Austin Sketches, recorded during 2006-2008. Here is one of the tracks, a short piece called Farmers Market:

Killing Time in CA

Readers here will be familiar with my brother Mark, who was my teenage songwriting partner and band-mate in Claudia Doesn’t Like It. I am excited to announce that Mark has joined this site and will be posting his music here. To celebrate we are sharing Chronocide in California, the first collaboration album by Mark and […]

Introducing, and The Guitar-Chord Closet

My recent project with Tom was a lot of fun, and when I posted the album here to this site it got me thinking. Tom hasn’t been online with his music since the old went belly up in about 2003, but he has made dozens of great recordings over the years. Why not offer […]

Ye Olde Garage Band

“Claudia Doesn’t Like It” was my most successful garage band. We played gigs regularly during my junior year of high school, and I learned a lot about how to write songs for a three or four piece rock band. We didn’t have access to good recording equipment in those days, so I don’t have many […]