Joined the site in 2020. He is a singer-songwriter and veteran home recording artist.

I Saw Your Face

The ballad of a lonely man in a busy city finding love at first sight, but still facing obstacles. A bit melodramatic, perhaps, but then so is life sometimes.

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Throwing in the Towel

Throwing in the Towellyrics and music by Tom SandersonIt’s the forth and final quarterScore is 49 to noneAll the first string have been sidelinedand the rest feel like they’re doneAnd the playbook’s been exhaustedThe whole squad is feeling foulThough the odds are stacked against themthey won’t been throwing in the towelIt’s the middle of a…

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BLUEPRINT – Tom Sandersonlyrics by Lori Sanderson, music by Tom SandersonJoy: a feeling, a response, and overall viewoften sought after even when trials come throughMapped within a blueprint are the rules to followMany are exceptions for today, tomorrowAn architect or designer draws the arrows and lines,instructs you how to build it, the viewpoint so definedBut…

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Right on Time

Check out the new EP, Right on Time, by Transfer Point, featuring Tom and Alan’s rock and R&B songs from the past two years. The previously released tracks have all been remixed and remastered, and the EP features the new single Chemistry Class (Look my Way!). You can also stream and purchase the EP on…

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Chemistry Class (Look My Way!)

This song is the first track on our new EP, Right On Time. Head over to the album page to learn more. You can also stream and purchase the EP on our BandCamp page. Words and music by Transfer Point When I look your way I can see the future callingI can see it today:You’re…

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Introducing Transfer Point

We have an exciting announcement for our fans! You are invited to our new page on Bandcamp: All of our music will still be on this site, and we will have loads of extra content here including songs, podcasts, announcements, and more detailed release notes. But the Bandcamp site will provide a way for…

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I Rule the World

I RULE THE WORLDlyrics and music by Greg Hamblin and Tom Sanderson I am a master of a destiny I call my ownI own a supermarket, mini-mall and armchair throneI am employer of one hundred fifty happy soulsI need a swarm of these to help me realize my goalsBut one ledger’s in the redCan’t seem…

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