Getting Things Started Again

My music has been mostly offline for the past decade or so, squashed nearly to extinction by my education and training, as well as my busy family life. But life has settled down a bit and I have started making music again!

I plan to post the cream of the crop from my older work, but for now I have just posted my new recordings, on the Moldy Oldies album page. There is a lot of nostalgia for me in these old songs.

“Alpha” was my first recording with Jim Ash, recorded 10/28/1994. This was my first music collaboration in the St. George music scene. The first version of the song was a keyboard sketch that Jim had recorded, which I improvised a guitar part for. Both of us revisited the song with derivative works in our garage bands over the next couple of years (The Tens – “A Perfect Day” and Claudia Doesn’t Like It – “Never Come Back To Me”/”Stay With Me”). This new recording includes a few quotes from these later versions of the song. I started this new recording in 2013, and that spring I visited my cousin Tom and showed an early iteration of the song to him. We recorded a few guitar tracks on top of it, and a riff he recorded that day also ended up in the final song. I used LMMS to make all of the electronic sounds, and my Telecaster to record the guitar parts.

“Lullabye” is a guitar song which I wrote in 2000, and then added a chorus in about 2006. This version was programmed on a software synthesizer, my first song made with Linux Multimedia Studio (LMMS). I first started working on it in 2012, and I finished it last year. I have loved analog synthesizer sounds ever since I bought those old “Switched-On Bach” records at a secondhand store when I was a teenager, so I tried to emulate some retro synth sounds on this recording.

“Omega” was a cheesy keyboard song I wrote in early 1995, as a sequel to “Alpha.” We originally intended to have Jim record a guitar part for it, but we never got around to doing that. In 1995-6 I reworked the song as a guitar grunge song which we played in Claudia, but I wanted to return the song to its original charm for this version. I did borrow a few ideas from the guitar version. This was programmed on LMMS.

I hope you enjoy the new recordings. More are on the way!

Alan Sanderson

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