Lead to Gold: Our Pandemic Compilation

Over in the Discography today I posted a compilation album of all the songs we did this year. Head on over to enjoy the lemonade we made from this lemon of a year.

I was impressed at how many songs we did. Compared to previous years this is an explosion of creativity. Tom even managed to sneak one more in ahead of the deadline. (Go Tom!) We are so glad you have joined us for this adventure, and we hope you stick around for another year to enjoy the tunes!

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Throwing in the Towel

Throwing in the Towellyrics and music by Tom SandersonIt’s the forth and final quarterScore is 49 to noneAll the first string have been sidelinedand the rest feel like they’re doneAnd the playbook’s been exhaustedThe whole squad is feeling foulThough the odds are stacked against themthey won’t been throwing in the towelIt’s the middle of a […]

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BLUEPRINT – Tom Sandersonlyrics by Lori Sanderson, music by Tom Sanderson Joy: a feeling, a response, and overall viewoften sought after even when trials come throughMapped within a blueprint are the rules to followMany are exceptions for today, tomorrow An architect or designer draws the arrows and lines,instructs you how to build it, the viewpoint […]

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A chiptune inspired by GLtron, a GPL Tron-style light cycles game.

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Alan Sanderson

writing: https://medicineandfaith.com music: https://sanderson.band

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