SkullToast LIVE 2021-09-04

We played a free concert in a city park last Saturday afternoon. I haven’t played a gig this large in 20 years or so, and it was a lot of fun. I was proud of my kids performing with me and holding their own on their instruments.

About half of our set was original music that we have previously posted here:

The Duck Song was a viral YouTube video a few years ago. Fly Me to the Moon is a classic song written in the 1950’s. It has been recorded by over 300 artists, and the Frank Sinatra version was played by Apollo astronauts orbiting the moon.

We also played three songs that were not captured on video: No One Like You, Take Me Home, Country Rods, and The Everglades.

  • Ducky: vocals
  • E-Sandy: vocals, keyboards, drums
  • Johann: vocals, bass guitar, percussion, mixing, video editing
  • Marie: vocals, guitar
  • Heinz: vocals, bass guitar
  • Alan: vocals, guitars, mandolin
  • Marisa: vocals, percussion
Alan Sanderson

writing: music:

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