Conversations in Stereo — Episode 3: The Platonic Filter

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In this episode we apply Plato’s Theory of Forms to home music recording. (No, really.) We also discuss the role of master studies for the aspiring recording artist, and say a few words about prioritizing which projects to work on. We conclude with a new feature: the live sharing of half-baked song ideas.

Links mentioned in the podcast:

Edited, mixed, and mastered by Alan Sanderson using Ardour 6.5 on AVL-MXE. Plugins: LSP compressors, gates, and limiters, x42 Parametric EQ, Guitarix Wahwah, and Calf Studio Gear Vintage Delay.

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1 Comment

  1. Very fun to listen to you both. Good for you to talk like this to each other and many young budding artists can learn from you.


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