Introducing Transfer Point

We have an exciting announcement for our fans! You are invited to our new page on Bandcamp:

All of our music will still be on this site, and we will have loads of extra content here including songs, podcasts, announcements, and more detailed release notes. But the Bandcamp site will provide a way for our generous fans to support our work if they wish to, and we also hope it will provide a way for us to reach new audiences.

Tom took the reins on this project, and is our Bandcamp admin. As he was getting ready to post our first EP “Pity Party” I suggested that maybe we should have a band name. After some discussion and some very good suggestions to consider, we gravitated towards “Transfer Point.” So from now on the two of us will use that name for our collaborative works. The logo above is a work in progress.

Thank you for listening to our music! Subscribe to receive email notifications when we post new recordings.

Alan Sanderson

writing: music:

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