Passengers (station to station)

PASSENGERS (station to station) – Tom Sanderson | download mp3

PASSENGERS (station to station)

lyrics and music by Tom Sanderson

Things are never as they seem
If we wake up from this dream
will we carve out a space
and leave a good trace
This mirage is what we esteem

Passengers on a train
back to where we’re from
It’s a long ride
Station to station before we’re done

I’ve been searching for my reward
I pay what I can’t afford
Some might call it my dues
or just call it abuse
Like the cut of a two-edged sword

This cold rain falls on us all
in the sticks or in urban sprawl
It’s no gain to protest
Perhaps it would be best
if we rise together tall

Passengers on a train
back to where we’re from
It’s a long ride
Station to station before we’re done

Careful with the baggage that you claim
More you carry, heaviness remains
The time is a line
from your point until mine
and your journey becomes what you name

At each stop the riders then exchange
After time the process still feels strange
Some new face hope on
but some leave and they’re gone
Shout goodbye but the sound’s out of range

Pay your fare
It’s a ticket to who knows where
I’ll meet you there
You’ve arrived – it’s a grand affair
Station to station before we’re done


Last month I was given a Digitech Mosaic guitar pedal which alters the sound of a 6-string electric guitar to emulate a 12-string electric guitar. As a micro-review of the pedal, it does a pretty good job at making a 6-string guitar sound like a 12-string guitar with its octaves and phasing to all but the more discerning ears. Since I got the new tool, I decided to expand a rough song idea I had recently recorded. A rough keyboard sequence was a placeholder – I eventually replaced the keyboard bass and guitar with actual instruments. Since I don’t play guitar as much as I used to earlier in life it took a while longer than expected to record. The vocal was an attempt at Roger McGuinn and Tom Petty and I don’t think it achieves either. I’m not sure what steered me towards the lyrics and topic but I think it works fairly well.


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