Unboxing the MOD Dwarf Founders Edition

I supported the MOD Dwarf Kickstarter in early 2020, and my pedal finally came this month (3 years later) after I had lost all hope of ever seeing it. The device is a full Linux distro inside of a compact stomp box, with amazing customization potential. The video above shows the unboxing and my first jam sessions with it. I think this little box is going to become an important part of my sound.

Video editing by Johann: https://www.youtube.com/@skulltoastanimations

Alan Sanderson

writing: https://medicineandfaith.com music: https://sanderson.band

3 thoughts on “Unboxing the MOD Dwarf Founders Edition

  1. Great video. You play very well. I also received my Founders edition Dwarf but havent had a chance to play with it yet. Have you used it live yet? If so, do you just use one “pedalboard” or do you switch to other “pedalboards” within the Dwarf? Are there any drawbacks that you’ve noticed with it? I bet its helped with creativity.


    1. Thanks for watching. I have not used the Dwarf in a gig. Actually I haven’t done much more than what you saw in the video. Haha! I plan to dig in to the web interface eventually, and I really want to play with a looper. I’ll probably post another video once I get the looper working.


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