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Throwing in the Towel

Throwing in the Towellyrics and music by Tom Sanderson It’s the forth and final quarterScore is 49 to noneAll the first string have been sidelinedand the rest feel like they’re doneAnd the playbook’s been exhaustedThe whole squad is feeling foulThough the odds are stacked against themthey won’t been throwing in the towel It’s the middle […]

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SkullToast, Song, worship

Gethsemane 2021

Johann’s Notes This song is a cover of the song, “Gethsemane,” by Melanie Hoffman (sheet music). This song is also a 2021 update of a cover I had already made on the song 5 years ago. When I made my 2016 cover, I used no metronome, no auto tuning software, no music sheet, and no […]

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Killing Time in CA

Readers here will be familiar with my brother Mark, who was my teenage songwriting partner and band-mate in Claudia Doesn’t Like It. I am excited to announce that Mark has joined this site and will be posting his music here. To celebrate we are sharing Chronocide in California, the first collaboration album by Mark and […]

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Sneak Preview: Going Viral, The Beach is Closed

I am currently working on a musical collaboration with my cousin Tom, but I have gotten some requests to share a couple of these tracks more widely while we still work on the others. The project is a collection of songs about the pandemic. “Going Viral” is the first recording to really showcase my new […]

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Hymn Lyric Submissions

Last month I submitted lyrics for four songs to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, for consideration for the new hymn book and children’s songbook which are currently being compiled. This is a once-a-generation effort, as the last time this happened was when I was a little kid. My submissions were all additional […]

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