Sister of Fortune

Sister of Fortune – THREE MINUS ONE | download mp3

Music by Scott Church with additional music by Tom Sanderson, lyrics by Tom Sanderson

Sister of Fortune sleeps in her room
Dreams of a land bright flowers in bloom
Green meadow larkspur blooms in the spring
High in the hills the small sparrow sings

Sister of Fortune following me
Wind in her hair and eyes like the sea
We share in the riches and thankful will be
and one day from trials we all will be free

This piece was written by Scott Church as a mostly complete instrumental. We had the conversation about expanding it and I’ve had it in my mind for a few years trying to come up with a good game plan. I was initially drawn toward his music on this one because of it’s Zeppelin-esque feel.

When recording the drum sequence, I used an overdriven clavinet to maintain my musical bearings (later erased when guitars replaced it). Those who are recording artists by hobby or by trade can attest that a “click track” or a structural guide track that later might be erased has a great influence on the early tracks that are built around it. In the case of “Sister of Fortune” it resulted in an unintentional deviation from Scott’s rhythm structure. But I think I like the direction the song took.

As with “Unique Forms of Continuity in Space,” I truly hope my effort in adding to Scott Church’s musical ideas are complementary and succeed in capturing his creative aim.


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