Lessons from a Toddler, and a New Guitar


I just posted a story on my Medicine and Faith blog about a couple of incidences that happened while I was recording the Lost and Found album: Lessons from a Toddler.

Also, as a reward for finally finishing my album I bought myself a new guitar! It is an Ibanez semi-hollow body, and I really like it. I have been wanting an archtop guitar for many years, and I just love the sounds I am getting out of my new instrument. Here is a short video my wife shot on the first day I brought it home:

The Ibanez AM53 is a great guitar for the money. It is an entry-level hollow body, but don’t be deceived by the low price. It is a serious instrument with serious tone, and it is so playable. All of my old songs sound great on it, and I wish I had bought it years ago! Ibanez makes some of the best bang-for-your-buck guitars on the market.


I have been working on a new song, which I hope to have finished sometime this spring. Stay tuned, and thanks for listening!

Alan Sanderson

writing: https://medicineandfaith.com music: https://sanderson.band

4 thoughts on “Lessons from a Toddler, and a New Guitar

  1. A good genesis story always seems to provide more flavor to the beautiful music spawned by it. Thanks for sharing your “Lessons from a toddler” story with us, both the story and the music are wonderful.


  2. I have an AF-75, and am equally impressed (although, I’m a bass player — but used to Pedulla-class instruments!) with the Ibanez hollow body offerings. I also notice you don’t use a pick. Are you in the same “Picks are for blister wimps” club that I am?


    1. I stopped using them when I started listening to Chet Atkins. Actually, I went pickless on the bass years before that, because I wanted to feel more in control of what the strings were doing.


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