This was my high school garage band. My brother Mark wrote all of these lyrics, and I wrote most of the music. I have hours of poor quality recordings from this band in my archive, but I won’t post any of that here unless someone really begs for it.

In 2001 I worked with Jake Bracken, the band’s bassist, on some digital recordings of our old songs, and some of those recordings turned out pretty well. We called this project “2001: A Claudyssey.” Also that year I started working on a new song with my brother Mark, called “Cyberian Joe.” More information here: Ye Olde Garage Band.

All songs copyright 2001 Claudia Doesn’t Like It. All rights reserved.

Equipment and Software:

  • Instruments: Fender Telecaster, Ibanez bass, Trekker guitar, Gibson Epiphone bass, old cheap drum set
  • Software: Samplitude, n-Track Studio

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