Unique Forms of Continuity in Space

Unique Forms of Continuity in Space – THREE MINUS ONE | download mp3

This is a composition written by Scott Church, my good friend who I met at Southern Utah University. It was there that Scott wrote this piece as part of a Music Theory course, the middle “Space” part coming from a guitar composition he made in high school. This music played a part in a couple of his short video projects. I was inspired by the creativty of his video projects, which led us to collaborate on a combined project called “Unwarranted Dissonance: The Story of the Scourge.”

This recording is credited to Three Minus One, our combined creative efforts. I play all the instruments on this track, but the music is entirely composed by Scott Church. This rendition draws some inspiration from 1960s science fiction and October is a fitting month to debut it.

Additional recordings by Three Minus One are soon to follow to share the uniquely creative compositions of Scott Church. More details in a few weeks time.



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