O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

Here is our family Christmas recording for 2019:

“O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” is an old European carol. The text first appears in historical records in about 1700 but is thought to be older, and the tune dates back to the 15th century. It is haunting and beautiful, full of pathos and tension, the kind of song that needs to be sung in an old cathedral. We didn’t have a cathedral handy, so we had to make do with Dragonfly Reverb instead.

The arrangement was done by one of my teenagers, who did a pretty good job I think. All of the family participated except for the youngest, and all of the instruments are real except for the tubular bells. (Maybe we’ll get a set of those some day.)

Merry Christmas to you all!

Alan Sanderson

writing: https://medicineandfaith.com music: https://sanderson.band

3 thoughts on “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

  1. Awesome, another cherished Christmas gift from the Sanderson Family; thanks so much for sharing. May your family continue to bless us with the gift of your talents, and bless you for continuing to share them with us. MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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