BLUEPRINT – Tom Sanderson | download mp3

BLUEPRINT – Tom Sanderson
lyrics by Lori Sanderson, music by Tom Sanderson

Joy: a feeling, a response, and overall view
often sought after even when trials come through
Mapped within a blueprint are the rules to follow
Many are exceptions for today, tomorrow

An architect or designer draws the arrows and lines,
instructs you how to build it, the viewpoint so defined
But what if the architect missed the hidden key below
A key to guide him or her to an epic viewpoint of bliss and glow

Ability, safety, love and worth
are the keys to uncover and find
Once gathered as a tiny child,
in experience, often blind


I was listening to a Tony Robbins podcast that compared life being like a blueprint. Also, I have been reading a book about core beliefs and put the two ideas together to make these lyrics.


Lori asked me to put music to her lyrics and I struggled with a direction initially. Lori suggested Coldplay as a point of reference which got the wheels moving. I don’t think this sounds particularly like Coldplay but it was a starting point. As with our previous collaborations, I did a rough read of the lyrics but I didn’t have them in front of me while I was coming up with the music. After completing the sequence, I added guitars. The guitar solo sounded a bit bare by itself, so I added a saw-type synth lead in unison and then harmony which continues during the organ arpeggios.

I didn’t have a clear melody or phrasing in my head after the instruments had been recorded. As in times past, I turned the microphone on and sang the words different ways until it started to work. Unfortunately, my larynx was tired at that point so it took a few days to finish the vocals. I decided to repeat the phrases. Alan had some great suggestions with the vocals to prevent the song from getting tiresome.


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