Sanderson Music Collaborative


An original song sequenced in LMMS with sounds programmed from scratch in the ZynAddSubFX software synthesizer.

The Iron Rod

Here is our latest track, a contemporary Christian folk arrangement of an old hymn called “The Iron Rod.” download mp3


Here is an awesome song written by one of my kids, E-Sandy. He is the one who played organ on The Beach is Closed. He has been playing this song on the piano for a long time, and I really like his synth adaptation. Download mp3

Introducing SkullToast!

I have some musically talented kids, and I wanted to give them a place to post their tunes for all the world to admire. So I made them an album page on this site called SkullToast, and we will post their songs as fast as they can finish them. Where did the name “SkullToast” come […]

Austin Sketches

Head over to the Discography to hear Mark Sanderson – Austin Sketches, recorded during 2006-2008. Here is one of the tracks, a short piece called Farmers Market:  


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