Gethsemane 2021

Johann — Gethsemane 2021 | download mp3

Johann’s Notes

This song is a cover of the song, “Gethsemane,” by Melanie Hoffman (sheet music). This song is also a 2021 update of a cover I had already made on the song 5 years ago. When I made my 2016 cover, I used no metronome, no auto tuning software, no music sheet, and no adult supervision. What I made was a, uh, well, you’d better hear it for yourself.

Johann — Gethsemane 2016

Wow, my voice has changed a lot since then! I haven’t listened to that recently.

On New Year’s Eve 2020, I decided to redo my cover on Gethsemane. And since I was already going to stay up late, My dad let me start my remake. I began by writing midi notes for a piano synth and a string section to play.

Soon, I had a lead vocal and backing vocals recorded. The next months that went by I revisited and rerecorded lots of tracks. Then I took a break as summer arrived. When I came back, my voice range had deepened, and I could no longer sing the lead vocal part. I instead nailed the backing vocals and mastered the audio tracks.

Info and Stats:

  • Production Dates: December 2020 — August 2021
  • Software:
    • AV Linux MX Edition
    • Ardour 6.5
    • Calf Studio Gear: Multi Spread, Multiband Enhancer,
    • Linux Studio Plugins: Compressor Mono, Compressor Stereo, Limiter Stereo,
    • Robin Gareus: x42-Autotune, x42-eq, General MIDI Synth
    • Andrew Deryabin: Yoshimi
    • SFZTools: sfizz
    • Dragonfly Reverb: Hall Reverb
  • Tracks: 17
    • backing vocals: 12
    • synth: 3
    • lead and harmony vocals: 2

(Note for high school fans: For security reasons, refer to me as Johann.)

Alan Sanderson

writing: music:

6 thoughts on “Gethsemane 2021

  1. Johann, that was awesome! I really like the synthetic orchestra and the intensity build up. You have a beautiful voice and great sense of note. I think your main instrument should be your voice and use your tech skills to back yourself up on the computer.


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