Episode 4: Much Ado About Nothing

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In this episode Alan introduces his sister and longtime music collaborator, Scerinda Johnson. They discuss their family history of home recording, and then describe the genesis and creative process for Scerinda’s first album released on this site. Her songs were written for a large home school group production of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing.

If you listen closely to the background you can hear vacuuming, cousins playing with wooden swords, and little kids crying. I guess I need to sound-proof the studio a little better. Or maybe supervise my children.

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This podcast was recorded, edited, mixed, and mastered by Alan Sanderson at U-Turn Studios in Southern Utah using Ardour 6.5 on AV Linux – MX Edition. Plugins used: Linux Studio Plugins compressors and limiters, x42-plugins Parametric Equalizer, TAP-plugins pitch shifter.

Scerinda Johnson

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