Here is an awesome song written by one of my kids, E-Sandy. He is the one who played organ on The Beach is Closed. He has been playing this song on the piano for a long time, and I really like his synth adaptation.

Download mp3

E-Sandy’s Notes

Um……. I have no idea what to write. Dad said it all. Delete these notes, and I will revise them later when my brain works better. It does work, I assure you. Just not right now.

Actually, there is something I want to write. I wrote this song on piano, then got sick of the piano version and of others being sick of it. Then the same thing happened with the version here.

This song has been my albatross for a couple years now, a large fraction of my existence, since I’m a kid.

That guy on the parachute looks like he could fall at any second. No straps whatsoever. Oh, the 1880s!

Alan’s Notes

This recording was made using Ardour on Linux Mint 19.3. E-Sandy programmed all of the synthesizers using ZynAddSubFX, and the drums with AVL Drumkits. I played the guitars, which used Guitarix amplifier and stereo delay. We also used Dragonfly Reverb, and various compressors, limiters and EQ from Calf Studio Gear and Linux Studio Plugins.

Alan Sanderson

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